New from Molton Brown

Inspired by travel, potent and precious ingredients, never tested on animals, unmistakeably English!

Molton Brown EU Patchouli & Saffron Limited Edition Shower Gel

Rich patchouli with saffron, leather and oud.

The world’s rarest ingredients blended in London, our home for luxurious bubbles in the bath or shower.

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Apple Pectin Exfoliating Hydra-mask

Out with skin that’s lost its radiant look.

In with a exfoliating face mask for visibly brighter and smoother looking skin (plus a little glow of contentment).

– Apple pectin and malic acid: to quench thirsty skin.

– Candelilla wax spheres: exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal more radiant and refined looking skin.


Sport for Men Grooming Set

Sport Wash, Lotion & Antiperspirant Gift Set

Cassia bark with nutmeg and lime.

It’s time to up your game with a dynamic collection of sports bag essentials.

– Cassia bark (to refresh and deodorise)

– Spicy nutmeg

– Lime (for a sprightly aroma)

Motivate. Energise. Triumph.


Don’t forget the bestsellers…

Pink Pepper Pampering

Fiery pink pepper with ginger and patchouli. Our fragrantly spiced, bestselling bath & shower gel and body lotion duo will cleanse and protect your skin. With a kick.

Sultry. Humid. Spicy.

– Pink pepperpods (aka ‘grains of paradise’, rich in antioxidants)

– Warming ginger

– Rich patchouli