New Gadget Adds Flavoured Core to Bananas

If a regular banana just isn’t quite sweet enough for your liking then how about pimping it out with the DestapaBanana gadget from the Argentinean designer, Sebastian Berger.

Berger created the Destapa (a Spanish word meaning to uncover or unplug) a device that allows people to add a core of flavour to their banana.

The Destapa basically allows people to create a cylindrical hole right through the middle of fruit without removing the peel. This hole can then be filled with a whole list of ingredients, chocolate, jam, yogurt, perhaps even other fruit.

Berger says he hopes that as more and more countries stock the Detapa, more fillings that match personal taste preferences will be created.

It’s certainly not a healthy option but with banana making its way into a number of desserts we can certainly see why it might be a success.

New Gadget Adds Flavoured Core to Bananas

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