New music concierge service launched for owners

Former DJ and radio presenter Natalie Earp, AKA DJ Femme Fatale, has launched a superyacht-specific business, Sound Purpose.

Sound Purpose is a ‘music concierge service’ for superyacht owners, utilising Earp’s talents as an established DJ to produce bespoke music libraries, which can be fashioned into playlists, tailored for events and occasions.

This service, says Earp, allows owners to “create the perfect ambience whatever the occasion, mood or activity on board.” The company can also provide playlists for one-off events and Earp is available to perform live upon request.

“WE just launched this summer”, she explained, “[and] we’ve had a great response.”  Sound Purpose has already established itself on board a number of yachts, “with different profiles, which is exciting for the company”, Earp added.

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