No More Stinky Hands!

Tired of dealing with garlic hands every time you slave away in the kitchen? Say goodbye to stinky hands with the help of this handy chef soap from Italian kitchenware maker Alessi.

Savon Du Chef, aka chef soap, is a stainless steel soap designed to eliminate all food odors from your hands. Fish? Garlic? Onions? This heavy-duty soap will tackle them all leaving you with fresh smelling hands even after spending hours in the kitchen.

Designed by Frederic Gooris with the help of Fabrice LeClerc, the soap is cleverly shaped as a head of garlic. It is hollow inside so it floats when accidentally dropped into water. As a bonus, the tip of the soap is smooth so you can safely use it under fingernails.

To use this lovely soap, you simply rub your hands with it under cold water for a few seconds and…voilà…you’ll have fresh clean hands. In theory, stainless steel soaps work by binding with the sulfur released from the food that touched your skin.

Interested? This lovely stainless steel soap is available for purchase through Alessi. It retails for $26.

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