Perfectly Round Egg Sells For $700

Perfectly round eggs are hard to come by. So what should you do if your hen happens to lay one? Sell it for a pretty penny, of course!

A British woman has managed to sell a “perfectly spherical” egg for $741 (£480) on eBay. The unique egg received over 60 bids but was sold to a yet-to-be-identified buyer who hopes to preserve it, the BBC reports.

The totally round egg was laid by a Buff Orpington hen owned by Kim Broughton from Essex. She told the BBC: “I was literally about to crack it open to make a pancake when a mate saw the photo I put on Facebook and messaged me to say ‘Don’t do it!’

At first, Brougthon was skeptical about selling the egg on eBay. “When it was at £20 I thought ‘Who’d pay that for an egg?’ and then it went through the roof.” Although the egg carried a hefty price tag all the proceeds from the sale went to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Broughton said she’s on the lookout to see if her special hen lays any more round eggs.

Perfectly Round Egg Sells For $700

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