Plančić vinery and Travels InStyle agency


WOW’s (Women on Wine) have attended a very interesting event organized by Danijela Petričević Golojuh and  Maja Serdar, owner of the Travels InStyle agency.

Vinery Plančić came to Zagreb from sunny Hvar, a vinery of a long tradition and success on Croatian and foreign wine scene. Besides the interesting and educative story  of the Plančić wines, WOW’s were also presented with travel arrangements through famous wine regions – Tuscany, Bordeaux, Champagne and Provence.


Plančić produced his first wine in 1985, from the grape plavac mali, which is considered to be the an indigenous Croatian grape variety ant the most serious brand Croatia can currently offer. However, 2726 hours of sun a year gave some other native grapes excellent quality – Bogdanuša, Darnekuša and Parč.


WOW’s tasted the premium line PHAROS, plavac mali, with the first vintage od 2008. The wine was left to age in oak barrels for two years, which can be sensed in its aroma. Since it is a full-bodied wine, it should be enjoyed with food.

Pharos 2008 comes from the largest organic vineyard with karst reclamation in Croatia. No pesticides, spraying or watering. 74 acres of vine were planted here, but not without hard work and thorough preparation. The vineyard’s surface consists of ground stone, soil and humus.


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