Play With Your Food: Rolling Dice For Dinner Decisions

Two sisters turned inventors to bring fun back to food. “We believe that whether you’re a self-professed foodie or just starting to think a bit more about your food, cooking can be an adventure rather than a chore,” say Sarah and Liz Downey.

Their idea? Foodie Dice: Cool wooden cubes printed with ingredients. Simply toss them on a table, and create unusual combos for a meal.

Sarah Downey stepped out of the kitchen to share some of the great flavor combinations Food Dice aficionados have cooked up so far, and told us about her and Liz’s passion for eating locally and seasonally.

I know you invented Foodie Dice when you were stuck for creative cooking ideas. What made dice the perfect answer for you?

There are over 186,000 possible combos, and at the risk of sounding like geeks, we have a spreadsheet that generates all the possibilities. We used it a lot when we were developing the dice, and it steered us away from making choices that just didn’t work well. Perhaps it’s time to add some booster dice with more unusual ingredients.

Are there any traditional cooking “rules” that you’ve broken and found delicious?

I don’t know that this is a broken rule, but we’ve found that bacon makes pretty much any meal better!

Have other people playing with the dice reported any exceptional combos?

It’s been really cool to see the meals inspired by Foodie Dice. Someone made lemon almond-crusted mahi-mahi with garlic-roasted potatoes that looked really good. Another dish was pan-fried chicken thighs with dill, kale, and bacon. A food blogger cooked up braised lamb with polenta, garlic-roasted mushrooms, and fennel salad. It always impresses me when people take on lamb, because I think it’s outside a lot of people’s comfort zones. I just wish we could taste all the meals people post!

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Rolling Dice For Dinner Decisions