Potato Photo Sells For A Million Dollars

Potatos aren’t worth very much – certainly nowhere close the price of your watch, much less this bag of fries, that plate of rosti, or those hash browns you made them from. But this potato beats all those things as the most expensive potato of them all. Or rather, the picture of that particular potato.

Sold at US$1 million to a European businessman, Potato #345 tops the world as one of the most expensive photos ever. Mounted on an aluminum composite, the potato was shot with a digital camera under a single light on a black background.

The photographer is Kevin Abosch, famous for charging huge fees for his portraits of famous business people in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, California. Abosch, whose famous subjects also include Yoko Ono, Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, Malala Yousafzai and Aung San Suu Kyi, is known for his trademark photos on black backgrounds which regularly command at least US$200,000.

Considering the events leading up to the transaction, Abosch muses that wine must have been a likely influence. Abosch’s guest, an unnamed European businessman, saw the photograph hanging on the wall as the two were having dinner, reported the Sunday Times in London.

The potato, which was delivered to Abosch’s home in a batch of organic vegetables, was photographed in 2010.

“We had two glasses of wine and he said, ‘I really like that’. Two more glasses of wine and he said, ‘I really want that’,” Abosch said. The two set the price two weeks later.

“It is the most I have been paid for a piece of work that has been bought,” he adds.

Potato Photo Sells For A Million Dollars

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