Prestige Collection: John Walker & Sons 2014 Edition

If you’re a whisky drinker, you would be no stranger to Johnnie Walker, but then again even non-whisky drinkers are familiar with the Scotch Whisky house. However, we doubt that non-whisky drinkers would be aware of the prestige collection from Johnnie Walker, John Walker & Sons. The series of annual limited releases of remarkable Blended Scotch Whiskies by Master Blender Jim Beveridge showcase the innovative spirit and craft of the blenders behind the world’s leading Scotch Whisky house. It is a cause for celebration indeed then, that the 2014 Edition has just been launched.

The John Walker & Sons 2014 Edition is a unique smoky blend of 29 casks selected by Jim Beveridge from his private reserves of bespoke casks that have yielded whiskies of outstanding quality. Each individually numbered decanter – deep sea, dark blue glass to evoke maritime, peaty smoke – is one of only 8,888 to be released worldwide. The intense vanilla, caramel and a dark and rich fruitiness giving the blend balance and depth while allowing the smoky notes to shine.

“It is a great pleasure to unveil the wonderfully rich and complex first edition of the John Walker & Sons Private Collection. The 2014 Edition is a sophisticated expression of the smoky flavour characteristics from three celebrated whisky regions of Scotland: bold and peaty Islay smoke, fresh maritime Island smoke, and a sweet, subtle Highland smoke.” said Jim Beveridge.

Prestige Collection John Walker

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