Prunier Caviar

Choose among a wide range of products from Prunier Caviar, now available at Yacht Gourmet Croatia!

Prunier Héritage

The rarest caviar in the world! Only 8-10% of Prunier’s caviar production can be set aside as the “Héritage” selection. Prepared according to Persian methods, this particular caviar, with its large grains of light color, was Prunier’s ultimate pride. Because of its rarity, it was never a consistent feature on the menu and was often considered the private reserve of Emile Prunier.

Prunier Malossol

This particular caviar preparation, also known as pure salted, is one of the masterpieces of Prunier caviar preparation. Rich in character due to its unique salt content and preparation, the “Malossol” caviar pays tribute to a time when Prunier would specially produce this caviar with its particular “Beluga” taste for its overseas clients in America and Japan. The pilots Nungesser and Coli took a box of “Prunier Malossol” caviar along with them on their historic transatlantic flight in 1927.

Royal Black – Finest Caviar

This caviar, coming from a young Oscietra, is the darkest of the Caviar House selection. With a rather large grain and an exceptionally rich taste, the Royal Black is in taste reminiscent of the Beluga.

Beluga – Finest Caviar “Ballets Russes Edition”

Without doubt, the Caviar of choice for lovers of this exceptional product. Obtained solely from the Huso Huso sturgeon, Beluga caviar, with its large pearl grey grains, has a unique consistency and iodine flavour, a full-bodied structure, and an unrivalled development on the palate. The ultimate Caviar, simply peerless…

Imperial – Finest Caviar

The Imperial is the rarest caviar, as it comes from a mature Oscietra. Its golden grain is firm and shiny and has got a sumptuous taste and incomparable flavor.

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