Ravioli Rolling Pin Makes Ravioli Easy

Fresh ravioli – it’s one of Italy’s top culinary wonders – a dish enjoyed with hundreds of different variations but one that always requires a lot of time and preparation in the kitchen.

Making ravioli is a slow process and the fact that each filling is placed on the pasta, cut and formed by hand means that creating a dish of fresh ravioli can be very labour intensive.

That’s why the designer Michael Finizio thinks The Fonde Rolling Pin, which allows users to make lots of ravioli pieces in a very quick and simple way, is going to be such a hit.

Finizio launched the idea on Kickstarter and the design has proven so popular the $1,000 goal has been totally smashed with the campaign attracting nearly $30,000 with 29 days still left to invest.

Ravioli Rolling Pin Makes Ravioli Easy

See the video here