Restaurant That Invented Tiramisu Is Closing

Italy is losing a piece of its history as Le Beccherie, the restaurant that is credited with inventing tiramisu, will close at the end of the month.

Founded in 1939, Le Beccherie is a family-owned restaurant located in the northeastern city of Treviso. Although it’s seen its fair share of tourists seeking to sample the espresso-soaked dessert, the restaurant has succumbed to the Italian financial crisis.

“I will close March 30th. That day I will pay my three employees and suppliers, then I will close the restaurant for good,” owner Carlo Canpeol told Italian newspaper Corriere del Veneto. Canpeol added that the restaurant has been losing clientele to casual eateries that microwave their food.

It’s hard to believe a restaurant that created one of the world’s most popular desserts would shut its doors. This harsh reality is already leaving a bitter taste with locals.

”It’s the type of news I wish I hadn’t read. Not only is Treviso losing part of its history but this deletes a page from the world’s food and wine culture,” Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto, told Italian press. “We will miss having a place to taste tradition.”

You may not be able to enjoy tiramisu in its birth place but here are the best recipes for making this classic Italian dessert at home.

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Restaurant That Invented Tiramisu Is Closing