Royal Danish Pomander cocktail

5cl Danish Geranium gin

14 fresh cranberries

3cl cloves syrup

1 spring of marjoram

3cl lemon juice

1.5cl Grand Marnier

Egg white


Methodology : Muddle cranberries with cloves syrup add the rest of the ingredients and dry shake first, after shake everything with ice and strain into a big orange

Garnish: Cloves and marjoram

Comments: From a list of different ingredients for making pomanders, I choose four ingredients to create this cocktail, cloves, marjoram, orris root is already a ingredient in this gin, after comes cinnamon, in this one there’s a family relative ingredient on the gin already the cassia bark and to finish orange.

A great sour cocktail with unique warm, sweet aromatic and pungent flavors makes this aromatic cocktail stand up.

Royal Danish Pomander cocktail

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