Sakura Jelly


Water 200 ml

Sugar 30 g

Kanten 4g (this can be substituted with agar powder)

Sakura Tea flowers (desired amount)

Natural food coloring (optional) very small quantity


1. Let’s prepare the Sakura Tea flowers. First, soak the pickled flowers in water until most of the salt are removed. Drain and set them aside.

2. Fill a sauce pan with water and add kanten or agar powder. Slowly bring water to boil and keep stirring the kanten or agar powder is dissolved.

3. Add sugar and keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved. (Add natural food coloring if preferred)

4.Remove from heat and pour the jelly mixture into a mould or bowl(s). (Add red natural food coloring if preferred and stir)

5. Place the Sakura Tea flowers in the mixture. Stir to have to petals of the flower open and float in the mixture. Refrigerate until the jelly sets.

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