San Gurmano olive oil

Mih is an oil farm situated in Poreč, one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia, on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. It owns neither olive groves nor a transformation system, but it has been bottling the oil obtained from the best olive parcels purchased from local producers since 1995. In the last oil harvest 600 quintals of olives yielded 70 hectolitres of oil. We recommend the two excellent selections Extra Virgin San Gurmano, Blagog Okusa and Interzivnog Okusa, chosen by our panel. It is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is ample and rotund, endowed with rich vegetal hints of artichoke, wild thistle and chicory, together with aromatic notes of mint, rosemary and sage. Its taste is elegant and strong, with a flavour of lettuce, black pepper and a distinct almond finish. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is definite. It would be ideal on porcini mushroom appetizers, tuna carpaccio, roast radicchio, bean soups, pasta with bluefish, barbecued swordfish, pan-seared red meat or game, grilled chicken, hard mature cheese.