Secret de Léoube

A mixture of schist and clay characterize Château Léoube soils.

The proximity of the sea, the daily sea breeze and cool nights are all factors that provide an ideal climate for growing grapes. A particular situation that contributes to making wine out of common.

The Blend

Grenache 40%

Cinsault 40%

Cabernet Sauvignon 20%


To obtain a perfect sorting, harvesting is manual only.

The grapes are transported directly to the winery where they are pressed directly.

The juice extraction is slow and delicate.

Fermentations, alcoholic and malolactic are made in stainless steel tanks.

The bottling takes place in the spring after clarification.

Tasting Notes

The colour is delicate, clear and bright.

The nose offers a bouquet of subtle flavours.

The palate is elegant and full.

Age of Vines

30 years

Sugar Level 2.6g / L

Acidity Level 2.7g / L

Alcohol Level 13% / volume