Seduce your senses with ZwyerCaviar

Farm raised, hand processed Oscietra Flor de Sal Malassol caviar (Malassol stands for “slightly salted”) is noted for its gastronomic excellence, equal only to the best from the Caspian Sea. ZwyerCaviar’s large sized Oscietra comes exclusively from the Russian and its sister sturgeon the Siberian sturgeon. As we inspect and grade each fish, we make distinctions between the merely superb Oscietra, and the truly outstanding one, which is hand selected to exclusively produce ZwyerCaviar. For ZwyerCaviar the roe is collected at its absolute peak of size, flavour, colour and texture, when the sturgeons are at their most mature state. For production we only use the finest ingredients, such as mineral water from the Patagonian Andes and Fleur de Sel from the Algarve, a novelty in the production of caviar. The availability of ZwyerCaviar is absolutely limited and its taste would impress even the Czars.

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