Shuttleworth Design debut new 70m and 32m futuristic trimarans

The new designs are released in conjunction with Shuttleworth Design’s new website,, launching this week, which will profile the new Shuttleworth 70M and 32M trimarans along with an 80-metre also in development.

The 42.5-metre power trimaran superyacht Adastra redefined the superyacht landscape when she came on the scene, winning her designers John and Orion Shuttleworth the award for Naval Architecture and Newcomer of the Year in the 2013 ShowBoats Design Awards and a Judges Commendation in the Exterior Design & Styling Award – displacement motor yachts 30-59.99m category.

“The new designs are in response to increased interest in both larger and smaller trimarans, similar to Adastra, but with greater accommodation in relation to length,” says Orion Shuttleworth of Shuttleworth Design in an interview with Boat International.

The latest Shuttleworth trimaran designs are based on the ground-breaking naval architecture principles developed for the Adastra yacht concept. Don’t let the far-out styling fool you – the slender, shallow-draft hull forms are designed to slice through waves with minimal resistance, reducing fuel consumption, improving passenger comfort and enabling faster transit in rough conditions. Unlike a similarly sized monohull, the shape of the Shuttleworth-designed multi-hull vessels mean they require no additional stabilisation. According to her designers, rolling at rest is virtually eliminated by the outriggers.

Shuttleworth Design debut new 70m and 32m futuristic trimarans


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