‘Smart Beer Mug’ Tells You When It’s Empty, Can Call Cab at End of Night

Imagine a beer mug that knows when it’s empty, keeps track of how many brews you’ve downed, and could even call a cab for you after you’ve hit you’re limit. Those are just a few of the possible practical applications for a new Kickstarter project called the “ePint.” Don’t worry, though: It also has plenty of less practical applications as well.

If you’re looking to create a new product, giving it connectivity seems like a good place to start and that’s exactly what the ePint – billed as a “smart beer mug” – has. Beyond that, it comes with its own app, multicolor LEDs that allow it to light up in all sorts of colors, “integrated fluid detection” (that’s the process that lets the mug know if it needs a refill) and an accelerometer. It even has a helpful-but-not-so-high-tech bottle opener built into the bottom. But the most powerful feature might be that it has an open API for developers, meaning the mug’s possibilities are a big as people’s imaginations.

Based on all that functionality, the $40 mug (that can, as of this writing, still be picked up for an early bird price of $30) claims it can pull off all the fantastic tricks above. And yet, in spite of that, the top-billed feature on the product’s Kickstarter page is that it’s “The Only Game Day Smart Beer Mug” because it can light up your favorite team’s colors when they score.

Really? That’s like saying the best part of a computer is that it can be used to look at cat photos – which is kind of accurate, but really misses the bigger picture.

Maybe in part because they buried the lead on these crazy mugs, the company behind them hasn’t broken the $5,000 mark yet on their way towards a $50,000 goal. If they do reach their target, they say smart mugs will be delivered in April of next year.

Smart Beer Mug

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