Smart Chopsticks Can Detect Contamination and Calories

It could be time to reassess everything you thought you knew about chopsticks thanks to this futuristic set of ‘smart chopsticks’ created by the Chinese search engine Baidu.

They were originally created as an April Fools joke by the company but after recieving lots of positive feedback they decided to actually produce the invention which they hope will be used to identify contampimantion in food. Called Kuaisou, the chopsticks are built to detect a number of different aspects from the food they are being use to eat.

Contaminated oils, PH levels, the temperature of food and even the calories contained within a dish. The chopsticks link directly to an application on a user’s smartphone to display all the information about what they’re eating.

The video below hows the chopsticks in action but there’s no news as to when they could be made available for consumers. Press play and wait a few minutes for the video to load.

Smart Chopsticks Can Detect Contamination and Calories

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