Snow Leopard Vodka Launches In Hong Kong

Snow Leopard Vodka recently celebrated its launch in Hong Kong with an exclusive party after a very successful launch in Singapore.

The brand boasts an impressive number of accolades – its unique favor profile can be attributed to being made from spelt grain, ‘the grandfather of all grains’, and it is created in Poland at one of the world’s most revered vodka distilleries, Polmos Lublin. The vodka is made from natural ingredients, and is distilled six times, which attributes its smooth taste.

Snow Leopard was born with a mission to save the snow leopard, with only 5000 estimated to exist in the wild, classifying them as ‘critically endangered’. The brand aims to improve the livelihood of wild snow leopards, donating 15 percent of profits to conservation projects in Mongolia, China, India and Kyrgyzstan.

Celebrities and brands enjoy the vodka for not only its unique and unparalleled taste, but also for its ethical ethos. Snow Leopard can be enjoyed on its own, or in a variety of fun cocktails such as The Conservation Martini, a mix of Snow Leopard vodka, dry vermouth and a fragrant garnish of rosemary or the refreshing Pink Panther, marrying Snow Leopard vodka, Angostura bitters, Bols lychee, and topped up with pink lemonade, and a slice of pink grapefruit.

Snow Leopard Vodka Launches In Hong Kong

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