Soft Shell Crab with Salsa Verde

Serves 4


8 soft shell crabs divided in half

150g type ‘00’ flour

20g corn flour

200ml sparkling water

5 cubes of ice

Sea salt

1l vegetable oil

1 fresh red chilli

For the salsa verde:

3 cloves garlic

Small handful of capers

Handful of fresh parsley

A glug of olive oil

Salt and pepper



Prepare the batter by mixing the flours and the cooled water with the ice and a pinch of salt. Mix to a very smooth, runny batter. Put the oil in a deep, thick-coated pan and heat up to 180 degrees. Toss the crabs lightly in the corn flour, and then dip them into the batter one at the time. Fry one at a time in the oil for under a minute or until crispy and golden. Mix together all the ingredients for the salsa verde in a hand blender.

Serve the crab topped with some freshly chopped chillies and a bowl of salsa verde.

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soft shell crab with salsa verde