Spread Some Beer on Your Bread

This next product really is for the beer crazed people of the world. Created by a group of friends, Birra Spalmable is a spreadable beer jelly and it hails from, of all places, Italy.

beer-on-breadThe idea comes from Emanuela Laurenzi from the Alta Quota Brewery and Pietro Napoleone of Napopeone Chocolate Makers who combined their skills and expertise when creating the beer jelly.

It comes in two flavors, “Omid Dark” and “Greta Blonde, and is said to offer a real spreadable taste of ale. The company claim sit has a ‘”sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and a full-bodied taste.”

It’s available from Selfridges and can be ordered online. Sounds like it would work well with cheeses.

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