Strange Water Cake from Japan is Super Simple to Make

You’re not ready for this, we’re not ready for it – honestly – it looks like something from the future when in fact it’s actually dessert known as Water Cake. With people queueing to get their hands on one it’s basically Japan’s own cronut.

It’s referred to as Mizu Shingen Mochi and if it’s not eaten with half an hour it actually disappears leaving a small puddle of water.

It’s available at two Kinseiken shops in the Yamanashi Prefecture which seem to have helped make the dessert famous – it’s not really fair to call it a cake as it’s more of a jelly usually formed with kanten – a natural gelling agent that’s formed from tengusa – a red seaweed.

Kanten is a lot like agar as they’re both made from seaweed but kanten has a softer texture and mouthfeel than agar. The other ingredients for the water cake are super simple with just water and sugar needed to form the balls.

It’s then served with different condiments like a sugar syrup or kinako – roasted soybean flour.

Strange Water Cake from Japan is Super Simple to Make

The dessert looks like it landed from the future and for anyone who wants to have a go at making their own at home – here’s a video recipe: