releases movie on online advertising

The SYT team together with QuanVision have developed a movie on the benefits of advertising online for the superyacht industry. Over the last couple of years marketing budgets have been reduced to a minimum and this has not only led to less spending on advertising, but clients also desire more exposure for less money.

“As a direct result, companies have increased their online marketing budgets for a several good reasons,” says Merijn de Waard. He continues, “first of all the internet is a measurable medium, secondly everyone uses the internet from wherever they happen to be in the world – whether at home, in the office or on a superyacht, one is able to read SYT. And last but not least, online advertising is more affordable, however…..quality online advertising still costs money!“

Richard Callender, SYT’s Sales & Advertising Manager, comments: “When I started with SYT in 2008 we were investing a lot of time in educating the superyacht industry about the internet. Last year we saw a positive shift as more companies started to express an interest in advertising online; this has been an extremely promising year so far. ‘Return On Investment’ has been the key phrase which we have been able to deliver, giving our clients the opportunity to receive feedback on the effectiveness of their advertisement strategy. If for example a client’s banner is not performing as well as we would expect, we can alter the design at any time. It’s a continuous process, and an enjoyable one at that!”

The SYT team will visit the Yachting After Sales & Refit Exhitibition (YARE) later this week in Viareggio and the company will also exhibit at the Antibes Yacht Show. Please contact Richard Callender if you want to schedule a meeting.