Symmetry: Balance From Within, and in Both Directions

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Symmetry, created by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, is symmetrical. Similarly, the 590’6” (180-meter) megayacht is further intended to cruise in either direction. And yes, it’s all feasible. Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design consulted BMT Nigel Gee to develop the engineering package.

In keeping with the theme of balance, Symmetry was created from the inside out—and specifically from the actual center out, contrary to typical yacht design. However, Symmetry is not a literal interpretation of evenness, according to Sander Sinot, head of the design studio. “It was our aim to create a synergistic balance of functionality, beauty, engineering, and design,” he says. “Symmetry reflects a genuine owner-centered philosophy of the yacht as a custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans, offering an abundance of space to welcome beloved ones to indulge, work, play, and enjoy life.”

Because of the dual-bow nature of Symmetry, there’s no single aft or forward interior or exterior relaxation space. And, each of the six decks has its own role, further including literal central highlights. At the waterline, a.k.a. the Beach Deck, a welcoming, capacious lounge becomes a seawater pool (above) when hatches to each side open. It can double as a float-in tender bay. Another midship pool, this time glass-bottomed, is situated on the Guest Deck, out from which four VIP suites flow. Each of those suites has a balcony and lounge area. Twelve additional guest staterooms are aboard Symmetry, too. Of course, there’s an owner’s deck, and as you might expect of a megayacht of this magnitude, it’s entirely devoted to the man and woman of the house. Their stateroom is complemented by an office, a spa, a library, a lounge, and an alfresco lounge further including an infinity water feature (below). All aboard get use of the spa, lounges, garden, pool, and more on Symmetry’s Hotel Deck, plus a cinema and kids’ playroom on the Lower Deck. A few of the decks additionally have voluminous, shaft-like open space overhead, rising straight to the upper deck.

Due to the dual bows, Symmetry has dual steering in the wheelhouse. She’s fitted with an azipod propulsion package to enhance maneuverability. The design teams estimate a cruise speed of just over 19 knots at 85-percent maximum continuous rating. (That percentage is about the level at which diesel engines produce the most power for the fuel being consumed.) Full throttle, Symmetry should see about 20 knots. A crew of 48 will keep her running.

With a 95-foot (29-meter) beam, Symmetry provides enormous volumes, coming in at about 18,256 gross tons. She’ll comply with the Passenger Yacht Code regulations.


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