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Baked apples with truffle honey

– 1 kg of apples

– butter

– refined sugar

– 25 g of the “Natura tartufi” truffle honey

PREPARATION: Wash the apples, cut each into four pieces and remove the kernels. Put the apple slices into a baking dish, add some butter on each and sprinkle with sugar. Bake the apples at a high temperature for about ten minutes. At the end of baking, smear the apples with the previously heated truffle honey. Bake for another couple of minutes and serve warm.


CHEESE PLATE WITH  „Natura tartufi“  HONEY

Prepare a cheese plate with several types of cheese, such as truffle cow cheese, gorgonzola, goat cheese or any other cheese you might enjoy.

Simply place drops of  the “Natura tartufi” honey with truffles on the cheese. Decorate with freshly cut apples, melon or grapes.



Surprise your guests by pouring the “Natura tartufi” honey on your favourite ice cream flavour. We guarantee that such dessert will be a great finale to any previous course or a sweet delight in itself.


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