Meat roll stuffed with truffles and asparagus

For 4 persons.

– 500g of mixed minced meat (beef, pork)

– Salsa tartufata 170g

– Boiled asparagi 100g

– 70g of Istrian prosciutto

– 2 eggs

– 150g of sopped and drained bread (sopped in milk)

– Parmesan

– Garlic

– Parsley

– Onion

– Salt

– Vegeta spice mix

– Olive oil [Read more…]

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Wild asparagus in Croatia

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Delicious roasted white fish wrapped in…

This combination is a complete win-win. Any robust white fish like haddock or monkfish will work brilliantly, as would whiting and coley, as they are all wonderful carriers of flavours and can handle the stronger tastes of crispy smoked bacon and rosemary. I love this recipe because it treats the fish almost like a piece of meat, with crispy and soft, flaky textures together.

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