How To Cut an Avocado – Tips and Tricks

Creamy, nutritious and delicious, avocados make a great addition to any meal.  If you are new to avocados you may find that cutting them can be a bit challenging. No worries, with these simple tips and tricks you’ll learn how to cut an avocado [Read more…]

How to Tell if Avocado is Ripe

Avocado is a great ingredient, a staple across Latin America and a versatile product that can be used in everything from guacamole to cake – yes, avocado cake. [Read more…]

Spiked Cucumber Soup

A while ago, struck by how similar a tomato-based gazpacho was to a Bloody Mary mix, I added vodka to the soup. Voilà: a chilled cocktail and summery first course in one. I’ve come to prefer it with reposado tequila, and I have gone on to spike other cold soups. Possibilities include white gazpacho with silver tequila and a garnish of seedless green grapes; borscht with vodka and a dollop of sour cream; carrot-pineapple soup with light rum. Also, minted green-pea soup with bourbon; cantaloupe soup with brandy or port, and potato-fennel soup with pastis or absinthe. [Read more…]