New Champagne film offers 360 degree views of vineyards, cellars

A new Champagne film that allows mobile and tablet users to rotate their view by 360 degrees has been launched to promote the region’s vineyards and cellars following its UNESCO World Heritage status. [Read more…]

How to create the perfect Burgundy cellar

Burgundy can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, so Decanter contributing editor Stephen Brook has compiled a foolproof guide to understanding the region, including recommendations that will help you build the perfect cellar – whatever your budget. [Read more…]

Clever Gadget will Change Your Wine Cellar Forever

The Coravin Wine Access Technology, CWAT for short, has finally launched and promises to allow you to crack into that precious bottle of wine in the cellar without having to worry about it going stale in the recently oxidised bottle. [Read more…]