8 Skills That Make You A Chef (or Just About Any Other Biz Leader)

I’ve always had difficulty explaining to friends and family the way in which a smooth, well run kitchen actually operates — there’s a lot of moving parts, and it’s a thing of beauty to watch your team power through a weekend night in such organized chaos. From a distance [Read more…]

Young chef Mark Moriarty and celeriac dishes win over San Pellegrino judges

23 year old named San Pellegrino best young chef in the UK and Ireland [Read more…]

Champagne and 24K gold: UK’s most expensive loaf

This is not your everyday staple food prepared from dough of flour and water. A baker in Wrexham has tweaked the 30,000-year old bread making tradition with champagne and 24-carat edible gold to make what is believed to be UK’s most expensive loaf. [Read more…]


“Without a doubt the artistic discipline that is closest to our way of understanding gastronomy is music,” says Andoni Luis Aduriz, chef of the trailblazing San Sebastian restaurant Mugaritz. “With our dishes we aim to provoke, to move, to invoke a revolution of the senses, and I cannot see any difference between this and the reasons that drive someone to compose a suite or to get up on stage to give a concert.” [Read more…]

Israeli Gastronomy, the Future Around a Table

Some of top Israeli chefs gathered together, invited by S.Pellegrino, to discuss the debate on the future and upcoming challenges of Israeli cuisine. [Read more…]

A look at some of the best female chefs in the world

PARIS, March 25 — The next woman to be named the world’s best female chef will join an elite sorority of colleagues who have carved a name and reputation for themselves in a distinctly man’s world.
Today, organisers of the influential and career-catapulting World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards will bestow the lofty title on an exceptional female chef whose cooking “excites the toughest critics”. [Read more…]

Learn How To Cut Vegetables Like A Pro

Have you always wanted to cut vegetables like a pro? We teamed up with Italy’s premier culinary school to capture the techniques chefs use. [Read more…]

5 Awesome Egg Tricks

Chef Chris Shepherd of Houston’s Underbelly believes that eggs are the best learning tools for a neophyte cook. “Once you learn how to cook them you can fend for yourself, any meal of the day,” he says. That’s why F&W’s inaugural Mad Genius Tips videos featured some brilliantly quirky ways to prep eggs. Here, star chefs share the egg techniques that they think everyone must master. [Read more…]

The 4 Kitchen Knives Every Home Cook Should Own

From slicing a pork loin to dicing a pineapple, knowing how to work with knives is critical to success in the kitchen. Equipping yourself with the proper knives is key, says Brendan McDermott, chef-instructor and resident knife skills expert at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. [Read more…]

Chef Paul Qui: Acqua Panna & S.Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year

The S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup was held in Venice between June 14th and 15th of 2013. As in the past editions, 10 chefs from all over the world participated to the race, cooking their special dishes on board of different sailing boats. Read below who they are. [Read more…]