World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Is Inspired By Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe And Audrey Hepburn

Gorgeous women, dazzling yellow metal and the delectable, sinful treat come together to give shape to the most expensive chocolates in the world. Inspired by the world’s biggest movie stars, Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn [Read more…]

GODIVA CNY Year of the Monkey Limited Edition

For the Lunar New Year, Belgian Royalty approved Chocolate, GODIVA proudly launches its 2016 Limited Edition Chinese New Year collection. The classic red gift box is illustrated with a lively monkey to depict the Year of Monkey. This year, GODIVA’s [Read more…]

A Look at Some of the World’s Most Modern and Beautiful Chocolates

Bars and truffles are so boring. The world’s most beautiful new chocolates blend artisanal techniques with mathematical precision. Created by the Japanese design firm Nendo, [Read more…]

Giorgio Armani Designs Gourmet Chocolates For Ramadan

What’s the latest in gourmet chocolate? Italian designer Giorgio Armani has launched an exquiste line of chocolates made especially for Ramadan, the month-long religious fasting observed by Muslims. [Read more…]