New Machine Can Turn Any Image into Latte Foam Art

Part of what makes your local coffee shop so awesome is the personal touch. Maybe your favorite barista even draws something special in your lattes. But your barista’s personal touch was never this good. [Read more…]

‘Minipresso,’ Great Coffee on The Go

Ever had a mad craving for espresso but there’s no coffee shop in sight? Perhaps you are on a road trip, camping or stuck in the office with a crappy coffeemaker. Well, say hello to the Minispresso, a hand-held espresso maker that’s about to change your life. [Read more…]

World’s Rarest and Most Expensive Coffee Is Made By Elephants

A clever entrepreneur in Thailand has found a way to produce the world’s most expensive coffee with the help of elephants. It’s a bit of a messy process, as it involves picking the coffee beans from animal dung, but the result is the exquisite and rare Black Ivory [Read more…]

Gothicism Steam Punk Coffee Machine

Architecture definitely isn’t just for cool buildings anymore! A South Korean company called Dutch Lab is pulling out all the stops to create the most visually stunning, detailed coffee machines you’ve ever seen! Their latest creation titled Gothicism is a towering behemoth [Read more…]

This Coffee Costs Over $500 a Cup

Just how much would you be willing to pay for a cup of coffee? $3, maybe $5, how about over $7? $10 coffee would probably seem a bit much for most people but it’s nothing compared to the price being asked by Bespoke Coffee who claim to have made the world’s finest and most exclusive coffee. [Read more…]

11 Ways to Use Peaches

A juicy peach eaten right over the sink is sheer summer perfection. And yet. And yet, sometimes we’re lucky to have so many that we need other ways to eat (and drink) them. [Read more…]

Building a More Convenient Kiwi

Researchers at Zespri in New Zealand are working on a developing a kiwi with a peelable or edible skin in hopes of tapping the lunch-box market. (Wall Street Journal) [Read more…]

Coffee Aged in Whiskey Barrels

The Espresso Smith Brewing Company are trying to change the flavour of coffee with an interesting technique that borrows an idea from alcohol production. [Read more…]

Chocolate and coffee lollypops

Who says lollypops are for kids? Revive your inner child with this sensual chocolate gourmet lollypop and its aromatic coffee kick. [Read more…]

The Espresso Machine For Your Car

Next time you are on a roadtrip, forget about stopping at a service station for coffee. How about making an espresso in the comfort of your own car? That’s just what the kind of convenience Handspresso Auto offers you. [Read more…]