The Mother Sauces of French Cuisine

In the early nineteenth century, in his book L’Art de la Cuisine Française, Chef Marie-Antoine Carême named allemande, béchamel, velouté, and espagnole as the four foundational sauces of French cooking. [Read more…]

Hit Travel and Cuisine Show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Filming in Croatia

Bizarre_Foods_with_Andrew_Zimmern_logoFirst it was famous American TV Chef Anthony Bourdain, then British culinary chef Rick Stein and the BBC crew to visit Croatia [Read more…]

3 Ways Slow Cookers are Revolutionizing Cuisine

Earlier this month, appliance giant Kitchenaid unveiled it’s latest product: a precise heat mixing bowl that acts like a stand alone slow cooker but can also be attached to one of the company’s stand mixers. It’s a cool combo that got us thinking: what else can you do with a slow cooker? [Read more…]

Native Cuisine of a New Order

As an exclusive sneak preview into FOUR’s latest International edition, Andrea Petrini discovers primitive dishes formed from wild products of micro–agriculture in Chile… [Read more…]

What’s going on in German cuisine?

A look at the winners from the Kulinarische Auslese Gala event and exactly what’s happening across the dining sector in Germany. [Read more…]

Molecular gastronomy

Cuisine R-ÉVOLUTION: Molecular gastronomy kit from MOLECULE-R Flavors [Read more…]

Star Chefs & Kings of the Kitchen

Master chefs michelin stars starchef cuisine gastronomy ramsay roux puck gagnaire heston haute caviar foie gras wine spirits champagne truffles chocol. Watch Video about Caviar,Chefs,Cuisine by [Read more…]

Delicious roasted white fish wrapped in…

This combination is a complete win-win. Any robust white fish like haddock or monkfish will work brilliantly, as would whiting and coley, as they are all wonderful carriers of flavours and can handle the stronger tastes of crispy smoked bacon and rosemary. I love this recipe because it treats the fish almost like a piece of meat, with crispy and soft, flaky textures together.

[Read more…]

Fish and sea food

Research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in seafood can make improvements in brain development and reproduction and has highlighted the role for seafood in the functionality of the human body. [Read more…]