Who Says Daiquiris Are Only for Summer?

Your holiday high has worn off. You’re back into the groove of your work commute. It’s generally gray, grim and cold out. Winter has firmly rooted itself into our lives. But don’t feel like you have to play that game. Whether you have a beach vacation on the horizon or you’re dreaming of one, these six daiquiris can help get you through these next few months until spring starts popping up. [Read more…]

How to Make the Ultimate Daiquiri

From pint-sized “Snaquiris” to the #DTO (that’s a Daiquiri Time Out), the Daiquiri is feeling itself right now.

So what’s the best way to make one these days? That’s a question that Jason Kosmas pondered before commissioning Caña Brava rum, one of the brands from 86 Company, which he co-founded with Dushan Zaric (both are also co-founders of NYC speakeasy Employees Only) and Simon Ford. [Read more…]