Designer Creates Edible Chocolate Legos

If you loved playing with LEGOs as a kid you’ll enjoy building your own sweet treats with these edible chocolate LEGOs from Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi. [Read more…]


Come summertime, we all scream for ice cream. Especially for the fashion conscious, Magnum teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to launch a special edition ice cream in celebration of Magnum’s 25th anniversary. [Read more…]

Bannenberg & Rowell superyacht for Feadship revealed

Bannenberg & Rowell has revealed its design for a 70m motor yacht in build at Feadship. [Read more…]

The Stylish BBQ Grill You’ll Need This Summer

Behold the Grillo, a sleek stainless steel portable grill designed to let you fire up in style. With this hip BBQ grill you are bound to give everyone around you grill envy as your steaks sizzle away. [Read more…]

‘Drinkable Book’ Lets You Filter Water

Here’s a literary work that will revolutionize water as you know it: with the Drinkable Book. Developed by scientists and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Virginia, this drinkable book has a dual purpose: informing readers of proper sanitation and hygiene while also serving as a water filter. [Read more…]

Design Nori: Sushi with Style

Sushi rolls just got a lot prettier thanks to a new way of laser cutting intricate patterns into the seaweed that’s often used to wrap rice. [Read more…]

Cool New Innovations in Liquor Bottle Designs

We’ve been seeing a trend lately in some of the booze news we’ve been reading: there’s been a lot of talk about the design of liquor bottles. We think how an alcohol looks on the outside is (almost) as important as how it tastes inside our mouths, so we thought it would be fun to look at some of the recent news and innovations in bottle design.  [Read more…]

Valencia’s Newest Contemporary Wine Shop Design: Vegamar Selección

Visiting Valencia soon? If so and you’re a wine connoisseur, we’ve got a tasty surprise shaped like the future. In other words, one of Valencia’s busy shopping streets – Calle Colón – is decorated with a fantastically modern Wine Shop completed by Valencia-based architectural practice Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in 2014. The Vegamar Selección Wine Shop will astound you with its luminous interiors and wine selection. [Read more…]

Chantal Thomass Designs Diet Coke Can For Valentine’s Day

A non-alcoholic, low calorie beverage would not be your ideal pick to raise a toast with the love of your life, this Valentine’s Day. But if the same is encased in a limited edition can designed by one of the most sensational lingerie designer from France, it calls for a double celebration. Diet Coke has roped in Chantal Thomass to dress up its can in limited numbers to celebrate Valentine’s Day in France. [Read more…]

Chocolate-paint by Nendo

Chocolates like a set of oil paints. Tubes in a box of paints contain a variety of colours, and these chocolates a variety of flavoured syrups. [Read more…]