Trust us. You can use the liquid from a can of beans to make dessert.

Imagine being a vegan in France and craving île flottante, or floating island, a dessert of fluffy puffs of meringue nestled in a sea of crème anglaise. Joël Roessel, a 34-year-old opera tenor, was riding on a bus near Paris [Read more…]

There’s Mushroom in This Dessert, and That’s (Surprisingly) a Very Good Thing

This is “La La Land.” It’s the name of a mushroom dessert, not a place, and chef Nir Mesika is serving it at his newly opened restaurant Timna in New York. [Read more…]

The Rising Trend of Protein Desserts

Low-carb and high-protein baking is the next big fine dining thing: it’s the end of “sweet” as we know it, turned into a new gourmet food model. [Read more…]

Cronut Creator Unleashes ‘Waffogato’

He may have wowed the world with his Cronut and cookie cups but Dominique Ansel isn’t one to rest on his laurels. The New York-baked pastry genius has now given the world the Waffogato, a playful twist on the espresso and ice cream dessert known in Italian as affogato. [Read more…]

How to Pair Beer and Dessert

Beer and dessert can be great friends. Chocolatey, caramelly, coffee-like and fruity flavors abound in your favorite bubbly beverages, and the potential for matching flavors opens the door to some seriously killer after-dinner pairings. Of course, pairing drinks with any food isn’t as simple as just matching flavors—there are other elements at play that can gloriously make (or disastrously break) the match. [Read more…]

Elderflowers in tempura

Even though Elderflower is in Croatia best known for making syrup, here’s a new idea on how to use this favourite spring herb! This dessert is a sweet twist on the classic Japanese dish. For best results, make sure you use the batter as soon as you’ve made it. [Read more…]

Easter dessert – Cassata siciliana

A legendary cake – Over 1000 years ago in Sicily, an Arab peasant combined fresh cheese and cane sugar. He was asked what he was doing. He replied “qas’at,” referring in fact to the bowl and not the contents. But the word persisted: “cassat.” [Read more…]