Meet Our New Food Obsession: The $100 Golden Cristal Ube Donut From NYC’s Manila Social Club

Manila Social Club in Brooklyn has created a donut that would make Homer Simpson lose his mind. Priced at $100 each (that’s around $1,200 for a dozen), the blinged-out Golden Cristal Ube Donut is obviously covered in 24-karat gold flakes, but it also features icing made with Cristal Champagne and is filled with an ube mousse. [Read more…]

Meet the Wonut (Waffle + Donut)

The waffle and donut hybrid is one delicious dessert you should try.

Just when you thought a waffle topped with fruits, whipped cream, or chocolate chips [Read more…]

Krispy Kreme unveils world’s most expensive donut

This is not your average sweet confectionary with glazed icing or sugar on top. The world’s most expensive donut comes with royalty of gilded leaves, gold dusted Belgian chocolate flower and edible diamonds, all for a good cause. [Read more…]

Cronut Creator Does Valentine’s Day

The creator of the Cronut, Dominque Ansel, has produced his own variety of Valentine’s Day sweets with these Red Lobster Cookies inspired by a famous scene from the hit TV show Friends. [Read more…]