Drones Could Be the Future of Winemaking

Drones may be the bane of the FAA—and for parents, birthday gift lists—but in the wine world, the ever-more prevalent technology may be able to play a key role in increasing the yield and quality of grapes. [Read more…]

Drones to detect vine disease in France

An alliance of Burgundy’s wine council, Airbus air defence engineers and Bordeaux wine magnate Bernard Magrez have agreed funding to test the use of drones to detect killer vine diseases. [Read more…]

How Drones Will Change the Way You Eat

Mike Toscano of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (the drone advocacy group—I love DC) recently told Marketplace that drones—aircraft operated by computers, sans onboard pilots—have two specialties: delivery (“tacos, beer”) and situational awareness, or checking things out. The food world is ripe for both services. [Read more…]