Will Charcoal Be This Summer’s Go­-To Juice Flavor?

We may have just found the first weird health-food trend of the summer: charcoal. Pressed Juicery just released two new limited-edition juices, available through June 30. [Read more…]

The Wine Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn seems to be undergoing somewhat of a makeover as of late with a number of artisan makers appearing and a focus on interesting popcorn ingredients emerging. [Read more…]

NoMU – eat. drink. live.

Tracy was a vegetarian when she started the business and because of this, Paul suggested that, as a name for her original plan (which was to start a very unique delicatessen here in Cape Town), she ought to have a title that could communicate some of her personality and her quirks as a foodie. [Read more…]