Beautiful Flower Desserts From Japan

From the world’s most expensive grapes to eggs that taste like yuzu, Japan is always at the forefront of the latest dining trends. Most recently, the country is experiencing a craze for dainty edible flower [Read more…]

Vananco Leaves

Vananco Leaves® is the Koppert Cress brand name for an edible flower. Vananco Leaves are striking in appearance; the purple flower with white accents is prominent in any dish. Vananco Leaves have a neutral flavour, with the flower having a range of uses. With their bright colour, the flower or separate petals are lovely in desserts or salads and with either fish or meat. [Read more…]

Great flower-arranging tips

Flower arrangements add instant beauty to any room, but finding flower arrangements perfect for your home and at the right price isn’t easy. To find the best way to arrange flowers, Meghan Carter of visited floral designer Vickie Wenstrup, and discoverd some great flower-arranging tips. [Read more…]