These Are the Most Addictive Foods, According to Science

We’d be willing to venture a guess that a significant portion of the people currently reading this post ate, whether while watching football on Sunday or staggering home on Saturday, at least a single slice of pizza over the weekend. [Read more…]

3 Foods You Should Be Shaking Up

Many chefs admit an addiction to high-tech gadgets, but sometimes a simple shake is all it takes. Here, 3 foods to get you started. [Read more…]

Scientists reveal which MUSIC will make your food taste better: The Beatles are perfect for fish and chips… and Pavarotti does wonders to a chocolate mousse

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New USDA App Tells You When Your Food Is Going to Go Bad

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New Device Cooks for You and Never Burns Food

Walking away from the stove for a few minutes only to find you’ve burned your food is really annoying, which is why two inventors from Seattle have created a device they say will put a stop to the problem. [Read more…]

How to Cook With Lavender so Your Food Doesn’t Taste Like Soap

For me, lavender conjures images of a top-down drive through the south of France. Fields and fields of purple unfold as I coast my hand out the window to catch the fragrant wind. Le sigh. [Read more…]

Food MythBusters: Olive Oil in Pasta Water

There are many die-hard myths regarding pasta: a deeply rooted conviction is that olive oil should be added to the cooking water, but it’s only an urban legend. [Read more…]

Food-And-Wine Pairing Rules Every Beginner Should Know, According To The Experts

Wine is a notoriously intimidating subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Spend five minutes talking to master sommelier Laura Maniec, and you’ll feel instantly at ease. She’s co-founder of Corkbuzz Wine Studio and one of the world’s youngest women master sommeliers [Read more…]

You Can Make Yourself Like Spicy Food

If you know someone who insists they “don’t do” spicy food, it could be that they just aren’t trying hard enough. That, according to some new science, which says we can train our bodies to handle hot stuff. [Read more…]

Newest Way To Serve Food? Put a Ring on It!

Perhaps they found inspiration in Beyoncé but the folks at TourDeFork have come un with an innovative way to eat bite-size foods like berries and dessert: put a ring on it. [Read more…]