Artist Makes Plush Toy Versions of Favorite Hipster Foods

If you like playing with your food, these plush toy versions of some hipster food favorites will probably be the artisanal stuffed creations of your dreams. [Read more…]

‘Foodini’ machine lets you print edible burgers, pizza, chocolate

Dublin (CNN) — As further proof that you can now 3D-print anything, a company called Natural Machines has introduced a 3D printer for food. [Read more…]

The World’s Most Expensive Club Sandwich is in Paris

Paris may be known as the most romantic city in the world, but it’s also the most expensive place to buy a club sandwich — making it the priciest travel destination on the globe. [Read more…]

Sleep Better: Foods That Are Keeping You Up at Night

If you’ve kicked your afternoon coffee habit and stopped looking at your blue-light emitting phone before bed but still can’t sleep, it might be time to take another look at what you’re eating before you go to bed. [Read more…]

42 Foods and How to Store Them Correctly

We recently highlighted a great infographic that looked at just how long foods can last after their recommended sell-by-date and it was so popular we decided to post this infographic that looks at how to properly store foods to make them last longer. [Read more…]

Matching Food & Australian Wine

Only drink Red predominantly Shiraz/Cabernet – Australian Wines are so Big/Juicy/Full of plum and blackcurrant flavours. Amazing Stuff – must be the combination of the Climate/Soil and the love and enthusiasm that goes into making it. [Read more…]

Mardi Gras Recipes and Food

Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday, the culmination of the season between Christmas and Lent. Fat Tuesday falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. During the 46-day Lent period, many Christians forego the eating of meat, either completely or on Fridays. [Read more…]