If Our Favorite Sitcom Casts Reunited, What Food Would They Hawk?

Yes, it’s true: The cast (ok, the “dad” portion of the cast—no Olsen twins) of Full House is reuniting for a Super Bowl commercial. Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse will band together in a spot for Dannon’s Oikos line of Greek yogurt. (Why Greek yogurt? Because oikos means “house”? Or because John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse, is Greek-American? You be the judge.) [Read more…]

15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover

You’re a wine lover (or even fancy yourself a wine snob) and your friends constantly poke fun at you. Perhaps they laugh when they see your travel case of hand blown Sommelier Series wine glasses. Or scoff at you when you send back a bottle of red wine because it’s too warm. [Read more…]