What do black diamonds taste like?

That’s the first conundrum that NYC-based jewelry designer Anna Sheffield tackled with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Creams to create the parlor’s first limited-edition flavor. With owner Nicholas Morgenstern, they settled on candied black sesame seeds, which appear with a prickly pear frozen yogurt for a combination titled Rosette. The two talents became friends over the construction of their neighborhing stores on New York’s Lower East [Read more…]

The Flowers of Wine

Meritxell Falgueras explores the floral soul of wine.

“Only those who drink know how to appreciate the language of wine and roses,” said the Persian poet Omar Khayyam. [Read more…]


“Without a doubt the artistic discipline that is closest to our way of understanding gastronomy is music,” says Andoni Luis Aduriz, chef of the trailblazing San Sebastian restaurant Mugaritz. “With our dishes we aim to provoke, to move, to invoke a revolution of the senses, and I cannot see any difference between this and the reasons that drive someone to compose a suite or to get up on stage to give a concert.” [Read more…]

Israeli Gastronomy, the Future Around a Table

Some of top Israeli chefs gathered together, invited by S.Pellegrino, to discuss the debate on the future and upcoming challenges of Israeli cuisine. [Read more…]

Brussels Airlines hires Michelin-starred chef

Starting next week, passengers on the Belgian airline will be able to savor a meal created by one of the top names in contemporary Belgian gastronomy: triple Michelin-starred chef Geert Van Hecke. [Read more…]

International Gastronomy fair in Dijon

Dijon has a reputation for good food and wine and each year thousands of foodies flock to its International Gastronomy Fair. This year, Dijon will host its 81st Foire Internationale et Gastronomique de Dijon from November 1 – November 13. [Read more…]

International gastronomy: Food in Rome

Perhaps the most savoury of all Italian regional cuisines, and perhaps due to its central location, the food in Rome and the surrounding district of Lazio offers an incredible variety of dishes and ingredients. Classic southern Italian flavors such as garlic, black pepper, rosemary, and parsley are all present with an added predilection to mint. [Read more…]

L’Antica Ricetta Del Pesto

La ricetta del pesto alla genovese descritta dallo chef Belloni di “Zeffirino”…. Enjoy the video… [Read more…]

Croatian gastronomy: Istrian truffles

What is it that is so mystic and attractive in an underground, at first sight awkward plant looking like potato, that the people are willing to spend a fortune and proclaim it „king of the gastronomy“? Which one is better – the white one or the black one? What exactly are truffles in the culinary world – mushrooms or spices? [Read more…]

Star Chefs & Kings of the Kitchen

Master chefs michelin stars starchef cuisine gastronomy ramsay roux puck gagnaire heston haute caviar foie gras wine spirits champagne truffles chocol. Watch Video about Caviar,Chefs,Cuisine by Metacafe.com [Read more…]