Drones Could Be the Future of Winemaking

Drones may be the bane of the FAA—and for parents, birthday gift lists—but in the wine world, the ever-more prevalent technology may be able to play a key role in increasing the yield and quality of grapes. [Read more…]

Bunch of grapes sells for record $8,200 in Japan

A bunch of Japanese grapes has sold for a record one million yen ($8,200), or $315 per berry — no trifling matter even in a country where fruit can cost a small fortune. [Read more…]

Are These the Most Expensive Grapes in the World?

How much money would you shell out for an exquisite bunch of grapes? [Read more…]

Concord Grape Sorbet With Rosemary And Black Pepper

Makes about 1 quart

Rosemary, both herbal and floral, elevates the flavor of the Concord grape, while black pepper adds spiciness. [Read more…]

Domaine Petitot

The village of Corgoloin is just to the south of Nuits-St-Georges and the beautiful buildings that make up the Domaine Petitot have been in the family for eight generations. [Read more…]

Claude Taittinger’s daughter goes solo in Champagne

Virginie Taittinger, once the ‘princess’ of her family’s Champagne dynasty, has returned to the scene with her own cuvee. The daughter of Claude Taittinger has 800 private customers in Western Europe signed up to her direct delivery service for ‘Virginie T’ non-vintage Brut and rosé Champagnes, with the Brut priced at GBP29.5-a-bottle for first time buyers via her website. [Read more…]

An Introduction to the wines at RAW

Some maintain that wine has never been better, cleaner, more consistent, or travelled so well as it does today. Equally, wine has never been made with so many pesticides, additives, preservatives and processes. [Read more…]