Taylor’s launches rare 1863 Port

Taylor’s is looking to take advantage of rising interest in aged and rare Ports among fine wine buyers by launching a single harvest Tawny from the mid-19th Century. [Read more…]

Dates 101: A Primer on the Sweet Fruit + Lots of Ideas on How to Cook With Them

There are multitudes of reasons you should fall in love with dates, if you haven’t already — like, not only do they taste like candy, they’re loaded with calcium, iron, and magnesium. [Read more…]

Burgundy faces supply squeeze after hail-damaged 2013 harvest

Burgundy wine prices may have to rise due to violent hailstorms hitting the region’s vineyards for a second year running, and leaving producers seeking government aid. [Read more…]

Chablis battles rot to secure 2013 harvest

For Chablis winemakers who can manage rot in their vineyards, the 2013 harvest may yet yield some pleasantly surprising wines, say producers. With the 2013 harvest in Chablis entering its last week, producers are reticent about forecasting too far ahead, but initial signs show some promise. [Read more…]