This Tool Will Change How You Prep Fresh Herbs

Anyone who has ever had to chop huge amounts of fresh herbs knows it can be a tricky task. Thyme leaves are tiny. Oregano and tarragon leaves aren’t that much bigger. [Read more…]

Chilean Sea Bass with Peanuts and Herbs

If the idea of cooking skin-on fish makes you nervous, do this in an ovenproof nonstick pan. The skin won’t get quite as crisp, but you won’t have to worry about it sticking. [Read more…]

10 Herbs and How to Use Them

The world of herbs is deep and diverse with hundreds of different herbs available and each one offering their own unique flavour and characteristics. [Read more…]

8 New Ways to Use Fresh Herbs

The first herbs of spring are light and tender, a hallmark of the new season. These delicate herbs pair especially well with the other flavors of spring (think peas with mint and asparagus with tarragon) but there are endless ways to use them in the kitchen, beyond simply finishing dishes. Whether you’re growing them yourself in a garden or windowsill or buying them at your local market, here are some creative ways to bring herbs into the spotlight for your next dinner. [Read more…]

Break the Rules: Wine with Mexican Food

It seems unbelievable but it’s true: Mexico has a long history with wine. The oldest known winery in North/Central America is located in Coahuila, Mexico. It was established in 1597. Wine Renaissance in Mexico: Today there are many top Mexican restaurants that have large wine lists. So what are the best types of wine with Mexican food? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

Koppert Cress Collection: Chilli Cress

Chilli Cress is a decorative and spicy taste maker. It is a strong plant with a good ‘bite’. In China it is mainly used with fish, in soup or salads and basically with anything that needs decorating. It is delicious radish substitute. Chilli Cress added to a mixed salad, is a bonus in presentation. [Read more…]

Koppert Cress Collection: Basil Cress

Our Basil Cress distinguishes itself from the conventionally grown Basil that is a special, not woody, variety, making Basil Cress extremely suitable for home made pesto. Few Basil varieties have a similar strong taste as ours has in such a young stage. [Read more…]

Koppert Cress Collection: Affilla® Cress

Affilla® Cress has a distinctive and decorative shape allowing it to be used for very creative applications. The flavour is similar to sugar pea. The product is a perfect ingredient for mild dishes. It combines very well with sweet dishes and is suitable for (very short) blanching. [Read more…]

Koppert Cress – Architecture Aromatique

Although the history of Koppert Cress goes back to 1987, the major growth and success were initiated when Rob Baan took over the company in July 2002. Rob not only changed the name of the company to ‘Koppert Cress’, he also had a vision and a drive to do things differently. [Read more…]