Regional profile: Istria

This heart-shaped, northwest corner of Croatia has been billed as the ‘New Tuscany’ and is home to a diverse range of exciting wines. But will they find their place on the world stage? Simon Woolf reports [Read more…]

Labinski krafi – the noblest pasta in Istria

There is a long standing tradition of pasta in Istria, a clear inflence of the Venetian republic that ruled the peninsula for centuries. Many types of pasta are still now made in a traditional way at home, like fuži, pljukanci and posutice, especially for some special occasion. [Read more…]

Degrassi Terre Bianche Cuvee Blanc 2009 – white blend

Degrassi was the first to introduce elegance in Istrian wines. This fact is maybe more important than anything else Moreno has done in his outstanding winemaking career. [Read more…]

San Gurmano olive oil

Mih is an oil farm situated in Poreč, one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia, on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. It owns neither olive groves nor a transformation system, but it has been bottling the oil obtained from the best olive parcels purchased from local producers since 1995. [Read more…]

Croatian Wines: Roxanich wines

Roxanich is a fairly new producer (first released vintage was 2005) in the western Istria wine-growing hills of the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia. The clever and catchy name is an adaptation of owner/winemaker Mladen Rožanić’s surname. Part of its appeal is that it reminds me of that great old Police song, “Roxanne”. [Read more…]

San Gurmano – The dream of Every Gourmet

San Gurmano is a multi-sort extra virgin olive oil. This vibrant oil is pressed from two indigenous olives grown only in Croatia: the Istrian Bijelica (bee-yell-ee-tsa) and Buža (boo-zha). These robust two are then mixed with their better-known and milder Italian colleagues Leccino and Pendolino for an incredibly well-balanced, spicy and slightly bitter flavor, with startling notes of almond, green apples and a signature peppery finish. [Read more…]

San Buco – Elderflower Vinegar

Elderflower vinegar is made from the fragrant flowers long thought to be healing. The purple liquid, with its sharp, pungent flavor, is unmistakable and excellent on salads and vegetables. Naturally sulfite-free, this vinegar is a great alternative to regular wine or balsamic vinegar. [Read more…]

Olive oil production in Istria, Croatia

Olive oil today is synonymous with a healthy diet and modern living. There is a proliferation of scientific research pointing to the benefits of high quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) so that even an average consumer today is aware of the incredible health and fitness benefits. [Read more…]

Olive Oil: A Weight Loss Blessing

In Sonoma County each year, there’s a special festival called the Blessing of the Olives. That’s how central olive trees and the foods they yield are to the economy and the eating habits of the region. [Read more…]

White Risotto with Asparagus

This is a super easy to make and delicious and classy Istrian recipe. [Read more…]