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Shizuoka Oden Fair 2011!

The Shizuoka (Shizooka in local dialect) Oden fair 2011 has finally come to us.

It has become a yearly event reported by all TV’s (local and more and more national), newspapers and various media. Actually reporting on such an event turns into a major TV crew dodging exercise!

Unfortunately today was cold and rainy, but it separated the true officionados from the casual visitors! Sunday promises for clear skies and it will a real tussle! When it comes to oden, I do have my preferences, some of them very subjective due to the fact I have some friends in the business such as Yamako/山幸 in Mariko, Shizuoka City!

The whole event is worth a whole tour and a second one and a benediction for photographers who want to discover real Japanese life! But there are also a lot of foreign residents in Japan with their own version of oden!

The oden dish of the day:

Vietnamese oden served with noodles in Pho Soup!

Alright I’ll go there again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for further investigation!

The event is held in two different locales:

-Aoba Park/青葉公園・青葉シンボルロード and Aoba Square:青葉スクエア

Time: 11:00~20:00

-Shichiken-cho Doori/七間町通り and Gofujuku-cho Doori/呉服町通り

Time: 11:00~17:00